Friday, May 14, 2010

straight boys seduced by gays

Straight boys getting jerked off by gays

Watch these straight twinks seduced by horny gay teens. These boys who think they are straight soon find they love jerking off twinks and really get into twinks sucking cock. These young stiff cocks are soon oozing cum when they decide to fuck their first twinks.

Seducing a straight twinks - read all about it - Harry Jhones

Thursday is good for him because his girlfriend had a class. I told him that I respected the fact that he is engaged, and know what my place is in his life. He likes that I am up front about who and what I am. For me to think I will take a young guy, desire to do so or not, and “convert” him to my lifestyle and meld into my life without question is ludicrous. I also wished to dispel some of the homophobic crap. Actually, I hate that word. I think far more people hate gays than fear them. It’s not homophobia—it’s hatred, period. (Okay, enough on that little rant). So I just want him to know that my intention is to do as he wished (teach him about sucking dick) and not to take over his life.
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Of course, I ended up horny and stretched out on the sofa to jack off. First, I rub my crotch through my jeans. I think denim and flesh feel really good together. I do not have any boxer briefs on; I do not wear them when I wear jeans. I slid my hand up the front and then down inside, to my half-hard cock. My friend Rick’s face appeared in my mind. Wishful thinking. I am sure there is more than one 27-year-old named Rick in the neighboring town. But my cock is hard and there is only one image in my brain.
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I slid the zipper down and grabbed my dick. I stroked the foreskin up and down my shaft, pulling it back and forth over the head in a steady rhythm. I thought about us as I move my hand up and down, stroking smoothly, dreaming of teaching him how to give a good blowjob, and giving him as good in return. I stroked faster, the fantasy running in my head, like a movie. I backed off so I will not cum so soon. I want to enjoy this. I waited a moment and then start stroking again. When I am ready, I shot all the way up my chest. I lay thinking about him as I pick my creamy load up with my fingers and licks them off.

I thought about him throughout the evening, into the night, and until I finally fell asleep. I am surprised that I do not dream about him that night. But I had only a name and no face yet to go with it.

Even with some rationalizing, I am nervous about Rick arriving. I am apprehensive that it will be my friend Rick. In seeing that it is I, he will run out in embarrassment. With more rationalizing, I feels that if he is going to be embarrassed, then so is I, to a point, but I would rather be embarrassed with a friend. He still might not stay, and it will be forever different at work, but I had to think of something. I hoped.
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Thursday -- 5:30 p.m. The doorbell rang. My heart leapt into my throat. I had the advantage of a peephole, but I do not use it this time. We will be pleasantly surprised together, or we will be embarrassed together. I do not want the advantage, knowing he had none, whoever he was.

When I open the door, he smiles brilliantly at me, obviously pleased. I smile brightly in return as I step back to let him inside my apartment. He is quite handsome. His description of what he looks like is quite fair. It is not one of those ‘I am a Greek god in E-mail but an ogre in person’ situations that have let down so many seekers. I look him over as he does the same to me. He extends his hand to me and I shake his in return.

“It’s nice to ‘meet’ you Eric. I kind of hoped. Thanks for letting me come over.”

“My pleasure, Rick. I am glad you could come. Come on in and have a seat.”

He accepted my offer for something to drink. I go to the kitchen to bring Cherry Coke—it was something I know about him. He chose the left corner of the sofa. I sat up against the right side, crossing my knees in the middle, facing him.

“So when did you discover that you are bi-curious?”

“I guess I’ve feels it for a few years. Dating and then getting married take my mind off it for a time, but the urge to know something new is there. It took me about a month to decide I was really going to send you some E-mail. I found your profile at that time. I composed a couple of messages and threw them both away.”

“What made you finally send it?”

“A need to know,” he smile.

“Will I be someone to explore that with, now that you know who I am?”

“Yes. I want to, anyway. I hope you do, too.”

“I do. I like teaching. Besides, you’re my ideal type,” I smile in return. “So, do we talk a little? Do we start right off? It’s up to you.”

He smiles even broader this time. “I have a need to know. You will not deprive a young man his curiosity will you?”

“No, I suppose not. Can I at least tell you that I am a little nervous?”

“Yes. Me too.”

“Then I will be gentle, man.”

I move to the middle of the sofa and put my hand on his chest. I move it up to his neck, then to his cheek, back down to his shoulder, down his side, and onto his hip.

“How much time do you have tonight?”

“It’s not a concern. I have time.”

“I just want to feel you for a few minutes. Is that okay?”

“Yes. Whatever you feel right in doing is okay. I’ve given this a lot of thought. I want to know what you know, maybe all of it.”

From his hip, I rub into the denim jeans on his legs. I take his legs one at a time and put them over my legs, removing his sneakers. I take his socks off. They are bright white, a nice contrast to the blue denim he wore, but I like bare feet with bluejeans. I rub his ankles and massage his feet, watching his eyes the whole time.

He moves closer to me. He put his left hand on my cheek. His thumb ran across my cheekbone. His fingertips are against my left ear. The smile on his face is sincere. He does not appear to be nervous. My own nervousness passed quickly. Once a man begins to let you touch him, all will be well.

“Do you kiss guys?” he asked me.

I put my right hand on his cheek, pull him gently to me, and put a dry kiss on his lips. It lasted for a minute. I pull back a little, enough that we could see the other’s eyes in focus, and watch him.

“I’ve never kissed another man before.”

“Was it okay?”

He nods. “Nice. More than nice.”

I pull him to me again and kiss him the same way. Our lips moistened as I ran my tongue between his lips. The tip of my tongue found his and he takes mine into his mouth. I did not try to shove it down his throat. I explore around everything within my reach. We pull away from each other. I lay on my back, against the corner of the sofa, pulling him on top of me as I go. My arms go around his back. I explore his shape and form, down to his ass cheeks wrap in denim material.

“Nice,” he said into my ear. “I like this.”

I move my right hand around to his crotch, curious. He is hard, and I am pleased. I am glad that I am not the only one with a straining erection in his jeans. He moans as I touch him.

“Do you want to go to my room?” I ask.

He sits back, kneeling with on knee on either side of my leg. My hand is still on his crotch. He looks down at it and puts his own hand on top of mine, pushing against it harder. He put his right hand on my obvious hardness. His face is handsome in its youth. His eyes sparkle and he once against could not withhold his smile. He nods.

Before I got up, he knelt down and takes off my sneakers and socks. He sits for a moment and returns the foot massage that I had given him. Take a little ... give a little. When we stand, he is the one who initiates a kiss. I think he likes what I taught him so far.

I lead the way to my bedroom, down the hall. He starts to pull off his polo shirt but I stop him.

“Let me,” I say softly.

I helped him. I touch his bare chest, sides, and back. He stands and watches what I did, then pulls off my shirt and does the same. Since he feels good, his idea is that I will as well. His chest is smooth and nearly hairless. Mine is covered in a soft light brown coloring of hair. He tweaked my nipples, which I had not yet done to him. I smile and give him a look.

“Sorry. Force of habit,” he smiles wickedly.

“As long as you do not do that to my balls, I think we’ll be okay.”

I return the wicked smile. His sense of humor is offbeat too, so we are in good company.

“Speaking of balls, lemme see what’s in your jeans,” he says.

“What if I don’t want to?”

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” he teases.

“But I only like you for your mind.”

He smiles again, accepting my humor.

He unbuttoned the top button, unzips his jeans, pushes them and his briefs down to his knees, and stands with his erection pointing straight at me. In mock defiance, I keep my eyes on his eyes. He watches me watching him. His eyes drop to his crotch, anticipating I will do the same. I do not. He stands close to me, unbuttons my top button, unzips my jeans, pushes them and my briefs to my knees, and grasps my erect cock, putting mine and his in his right hand, rubbing both together.

“Say again?”

“I love the feel of your dick next to mine. Did not you hear me correctly the first time?”

He laughed. “That’s what I thought you said.”

“So come lay beside me and let’s play.”

I lay down on my bed. He lay down beside me, facing me.

“You’ve taken all my nervousness away, Eric. It feels natural to do this, as we’re supposed to. How easy it is for you.”

“You should feel welcome here, comfortable and at ease. As I said in my E-mail, what we do and when we do it is up to you. I have to admit I am nervous too, but your sense of humor is priceless. I could do this with you any time you want.”

“And now help with my question. I am wondering what it is like to suck dick. Is it hard?”

“Slide down a little, and we’ll answer that as best we can.”

I turn around and put my head to the foot of the bed. I position my dick in front of his face. His is in front of mine as well. I had thought about how I am going to teach the young man. Teach by showing, I decided, and teach by trusting.

“Are you okay?” I asked. “You can change your mind without going on if you want to.”

“I’m okay. I want to know what you know.”

“Watch me for a moment, and then try it.”

I move in close to his crotch and inhale his scent, which is shower fresh. I gently cup his balls in my hand and lick them. He has very little hair on his balls and on his cock. The smoothness is silky under my tongue. I put one of his balls in my mouth and move it all around. When I let it pop out, I swallow the other, giving it equal treatment. I do it gently because I expect that his balls will be tender, in more ways than one. As I am putting his second testicle in my mouth, he moves in and licks both of mine as he cups them in his hand. Then he puts one in his mouth and rolls it around like a marble. He is careful with his teeth. When it pops out of his mouth, he licks it and then puts my other one inside his mouth, giving it a gentle and slow rolling motion.

I go from his balls to his shaft, licking it starting at the base, then all around, and up to his cut cock head. From there I worked my way back down to the base. He watches me as he shivered just a little.

“Show me again,” he said softly.

I repeat the movements, slowly. I do not yet put his cock in my mouth. Obviously, he likes it. He bends down and licks my cock, starting at the base, working up and around the shaft at the same time, to my uncut cock head. He repeats it again, working back to the base.

I sit up and kiss him gently.

“It tastes different than I expected, better than I expected. It feels better than I thought it would.”

“You learn quickly. It feels as good for me.”

“Now lay back against the pillows. I want to show you how it feels with a guy.”

When he is settled down on his back, I lay between his legs. I repeat the licking of his shaft that I had done. When I open my mouth to take his cock, I swallow about half of it on the first stroke. We are equally hung, so I want to show him that you do not have to take the whole dick in order to feel pleasure. I slide off his shaft, keeping the head in my mouth, licking it with my tongue. I go back down to halfway again and repeat it, settling into a rhythm of up and down movements. I know he likes it because he grinds his hips into my bed. I look up at his eyes and I suck his dick, watching his expression. His eyes are closed and his head back. Then he opens them, tilts his head forward, and puts his left hand behind my head. He merely held it in his hand, not forcing me to take him deeper. With each down stroke, I suck a little bit more into my mouth, taking it out only to lick the head. A few times, I take it to the hilt, then backed up slowly, then down halfway, then up to the head, down to the base, up halfway, down to the base, up to the head, licking and sucking and drooling as I go along.

“I want your load when you’re gonna shoot, Rick,” I say, finally taking his dick out of my mouth long enough to get some air. I continue to stroke him with my right hand wrap firmly around his shaft. Damn what a nice cock he has.

“Okay. If you say so.”

I go back down on him, sucking and licking, enjoying the taste of his cock flesh in my mouth, playing with his balls as I go. I lick my middle finger and massage his asshole, just at the outside edge. We had not talked about fucking and I do not want to make any assumptions. But I know that when I am jacking off, I love to have my asshole massaged. He groans and opens his eyes wide. In another moment, I got my reward. It is hot and thick, creamy load, as if he had not come in a few days. He shivers and lays his head back on the pillows, holding my head in both his hands. I lick his cock clean. The cream slides down my throat and I lick my lips as I look at him. In a moment, he raises his head again and locks his eyes on mine.

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