Friday, March 26, 2010

TwinkCafe - sweetest boys on rapidshare cum solos

Sweetest boys rapidshare cum solo blog

Twinkcafe is about the same as Cruiserboys. This is a gay twink site better than any Arroncute rapidshare of blogspot. By the way if its Aaroncute blos, videos of pics you want. It is not a site like Berlinmale with German boys facials as these are all American kids form California. Something Harry Jhones just loves. Get your head round this:"Deni (26) who is the star of the clip said to us while he was on a solo wank that he really believes that he is straight but funnily enough - surprise, surprise, he dreams of having sex with boys and now and again that is exactly what he does for fun.

Deni is what we would call the unassuming bi type. Brandon (19) also has a very smooth and tanned body with a real bubble butt and he really gets into wild passionate sex. As you can imagine they do not take long to warm up and soon Brandon is down on Deni. Deni didn't even know he'd enjoy recipricoting til Brandon came along, but he warms him up with some deep throating and three fingered anal fuck before rolling him onto all fours and penetrating him deeply. But Brandon loves to ride and shake his ass, when you see his hips rotate and his ass ride," you're gunna explode in wads of cum!

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