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Japanese Bukakke at Japanboyz - Boykakke

There are a lot of twink video clips featured on blogs, on boykakke. There are also hundreds of downloads through rapidshare and other file services but if it is not just the regular boyfun that you are after but facial cum and videos with rimming and smooth twinks butts are OK but not the real turn on then these boys stand in stark contrast to the European or gay German lads you'll find on many sites.

We have covered this topic before in previous posts which you can find on gay Japanese clips.

Admittedly it's not for the fans of those who get off on the medical fetish thing, I know, or the innocent twink faces you will find on bfcollection.
Boykakke is plain hardcore sex action with these Asian lads in duo and group sex sessions getting a particular kick of getting cum facials and the site has thousands of videos and high quality pics on this theme. Japanboyz is a well-known site and one of the most popular in the Zbuckz portfolio.

Strangely the company decided not to try and compete in the overall Asian or Thai niche and this is probably a good idea as their are hundreds of such - some very bad quality - sites out there. Today we want to bring you a couple of video clips from the land of the rising sun - Japan - and as you will see that is not the only thing that is rising in these action clips. Enjoy!

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Gay facial cumshots from Naked Sword

Swallow: Lucas Entertainment
This is a clip from a video called "Swallow" - surprise, surprise no guessing what this action pic is all about. We have imported a group of guys from Eastern Europe - a total of eight horny studs and they spend their time slurping and swallowing loads of hot jizz. and believe me not one drop is wasted! They suck cock as if it were going out of fashion.

After the cocksucking scenes these studs then get down to some real hardcore assfucking and in addition, just not to be outdone, Swallow features several watersport episodes with the thirsty guys drinking straight from the tap. These lads seem so young and innocent but as the video continues and the pace heats up we soon come to see what they are capable of when it comes to sex. The action is explicit and obviously enjoyable for both as things begin to get really frantic and steamy as the clip comes to its foregone conclusion with multiple orgasms on screen, This is the stuff that real sitesre made of. There is no messing about and we get a front seat for all the bedroom action.

The video is paradise from the lover of cumshots and cumeaters -a veritable liquid banquet thanks to Naked Sword oen of the big producers of gay stud quality videos. Below we offer a sample clip from Swallow.

Gay Glory Hole Sex at High Octane

Glory Holes - Chris Hacker & Brantshy

This hot stud with tatoos has the luck to find a horny boy called Brantshy as he is about to leave a glory hole booth after beating off to a gay video. He decides to let this young horny guy work on his erect cock and then when things get really going to has no choice but to use the couch to fuck this young High Octane twink.

All that is missing for the King of Gay Porn are the cum facials ass rimming and a good hardcore gay fuck, but then we cannot have everything, can we?

You can see form the clip yourself that they fuck like crazy after the glory hole blow job. At the end the twink sits on the hot studs cock and the pics and sounds are very explicit. They experiment with a few more positions for fucking until at the end they explode and their wads of hot creamy cum cover their bodies. Hot Glory hole sex from Harry Jhones - CLICK HERE

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Boykakke - sexy gay Japanese cum facials

Japanese bukakke cum facials

This Japanese gay twink site is really making the headlines in terms of popularity and the clients are not just from Japan if that is what you think - there is an enormous crowd of European and American fans who really get off on East Asian and Japanese group and duo gay action ended in wads of cum spew
ed over their sweet little faces. For this reason I have decided to do another post of the Bukakke or Boykakke gay twink cum videos and find a few more hot video clips for you, gentlemen. Try this one for size?

There are a few more gay Japanese boykakke videos in this post as well. Enjoy! Just one more for the road and if you click on the banner at the bottom there are lots more free bukakke clips waiting for your viewing pleasure.

Horny Skippers - gay twink sex at school

These young horny gay schoolboys believe they have better things to go than sit in a classroom. Seeing it as a waste of time they would prefer to skip school and get down to a bit of gay horny sex with their classmates - and that is exactly what they do. These young hormoned-crazed lads just cannot get enough fucking and sucking in during the time they skip school. And it is not just two of them - they all seem to be at it. I assume they see this as more educational than the boring history or maths classes and it is certainly a lot more enjoyable. Obviously they just can't keep their dicks in their pants prefering a tight young ass or a warm wet mouth around their dicks.

It is amazing how uninhibited these lads become as they enter each others asses with their young cocks. They love the feeling of the muscles of a tight ass around their cocks. Others prefer taking wet pre-cum dicks in their mouths, almost gagging as they swallow as deep as they can. They all love the thrill of secret fucking and the more the merryer. Smooth young flesh getting milked of their cumjuice. The best scenes for me are the group scenes which are so steamy and explicit you almost think you were there with them taking part in the fun. You can almost smell what is going on in your nose as you lick these smooth bodies all over. Everyone wants in on the fun, each one wants their share of the action and nobody is short changed in any of the videos I have looked at, Originally when I heard the name of the site I thought it had something to do with sailing but as you can see here the word "naval" takes on a very different meaning. These youths are beautiful, one more than the other, and they make just the right combination for what they get up to. The action just seems to go on for hours at a time. I wonder what their teachers think they are up to. Some self-study at home perhaps - well that is one way of looking at it for me, Harry Jhones.

And they do not seem to get found out either whatever way they manage to do it they spend their days having endless sexual exploits with their homo friendiest. classmates. The horniest videos are those where three or four of them set off together and spend the day in group sex wherever they can be alone. These sexy skippers selected by Harry Jhones, self-proclaimed King of Gay Porn, get down to some serious ass rimming and soon their hardcore gay fucks result in endless orgasms and cum facials. Hot homo twink sex at its best.You can also see a previous post on these horny young schoolboys fucking their way through the day. To get the full spread you can meet me behind the banner.

Spanking gay twinks

Some twinks find no greater sexual arousal and pleasure than having their butts spanked. It arouses them until the point that they spew their cum. Today Harry Jhones presents as King of Gay Porn the ultimate for those getting aroused by spanking twinks oh wouldn't you love to start rimming his tight ass with your tongue. Spanking twinks is one of the most popular sites for those of us who really get off when seeing young virigin butts get red hot from spanking with a leather strap or a rod. This usually ends up in wads of cum facials or perhaps even a hardcore gay fuck afterwards.

The video material on the site is very explicit and these 18 and 19 year-old smooth twinks really get into the spanking action with the spanker getting as aroused as the victim. Eventually the action gets so hot that the spanking stops and the sex starts and it is just every bit as passionate. You can find more gay twink spanking clips in an earlier post.

Collegedudes247 - gay college dudes Troy Gabriel and Titus Gallen.

This is the place to be if you are into muscled toned college guys with unsatiable sexual appetites. Collegedudes247 is exclusively devoted to college porn and this is hot and steamy gay porn believe me. Below we feature Jessie Davis a handsome worked out gay stud with few if any sexual inhibitions. In the video clip which this still is taken from he strips down and starts working his 9inch dick, throwing his legs up in the air to get comfortable. Harry Jhones just wants to get down and start rimming his ass before a good old hardcore gay fuck.

Watch his muscle hunk slowly play with his huge cock and then the gay college dude gets really serious about beating that beat ending in wads of hot creamy cum shooting all over this abs and chest. This guy is really highly sexed and can be foundnin many solo and duo gay porn clips here. Super hot gay college porn in its mosts unadulterated form. You can find lots more at rapidshare or on the collegedudes247 blogs with stars like Troy Gabriel,Jimmy Durano and Titus Gallen. Last month I also had a post on the gay college dudes website.

Gay medical examinations at High Octane

Medic Men - Francois and Luis

This gay hunk is lucky to be in very intensive care at this hospital. And believe it or not they are working on a whole new therapy which seems to be having astounding success in this instance. Gay medical examinations really produce results as you can see and they both make an astonishingly fast recovery.

Harry Jhones, self-made king of gay porn could not resist getting on his knees and to start ass rimming this dude in the hope of some cum facials and even an old-fasioned hardcore gay fuck. BTW there are more gay videos on medical examination in this post.

These two hunky gay musclemen seem to fuck their way to recovery giving a whole new dimension to the use of hospital beds I would imagine. The action is very hot and you will see and both can soon expect a discharge - if you know what I mean. GAY MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS AT HIGH OCTANE CLICK HERE

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Twinks butts at BangBangBoys

Tom Arbel
New to bangbangboys is this new twink butt called Tom and for your pleasure here is a sneak preview of Tom and his incredible hot ass and body. He is in many of the videos on the site and I bet like me you just cannot wait to see this young twink butt shoot his hot creamy load for you. We almost get a gay facial and after rimming this guy Harry Jhones would love to give him a gay hardcore fuck. Here is another posting of gay twink butt at bangbangboys.

Trust me this guy is so hot and horny and the action is very sexy index as he plays with his 8inch cock before exploding in a frenzy. Enjoy his amazing abs and hot pecs and just wait to you see this guy shoot his load!

Mike Taylor Xtrainches at Gunzblazing

Mike Taylor

You wanna see a young twink with a real cock? As big dicks go this one takes the biscuit - and my mouth if I were there. This young muscled dude has a Latin appearance with his dark hair and tanned smooth skin. But when he reveals his 8inch cock all Harry Jhones wants to do is get down on his knees and start sucking this juicy monster then turn him around and start rimming his tight ass til he moans and loosens up for my cock and a hardcore gay fuck. But watching him beat off is practicallty just too much to stand. This would all probably end with a series of cum facials as I, Harry Jhones, gulp down his hot thick creamy load of cum.

Read how he describes a recent experience:

Finally, I allowed myself a touch; my right hand encircled my pole and began to slowly slide up and down the shaft. I gazed back down at my
friends, admiring the the definition of their chests, the bulging muscles in their arms. With my left hand, I played with my nipples and ran my
fingers up and down my abs. I imagined doing the same thing to my strong, masculine friends down on the beach; I thought about playing with their
hard rods, exploring their tight bodies, teasing their nipples with my fingertips.

The sun felt deliciously warm on my cock, and cool breezes continued to tantalize my naked body. My fist slid up and down my member, sending building shocks of pleasure through my body every time I touched the head. I quickened the pace of my stroking and placed my left hand on a nearby tree for support. I felt a wave of pleasure grow from the base of my cock and spread throughout the rest of my body. Just as I thought that I would die from the feeling, my cock ejected a string of thick cream, followed by another, then another. I shot rope after rope of semen from my throbbing dick, each rope accompanied by another wave of pleasure. I watched as my semen shot out of my body and hung in the air for a moment before falling down to earth and splattering itself on various parts of the slope in front of me. My jizz landed in the sand, on beach grass, on dead leaves--I truly felt that I was at one with nature.

You have come to the right place to find the newest discovery of Gunzblazing. It is Mike Taylor and he is now featured on the website where he does a remarkable solo jackoff until he blows his hot creamy cum load all over his tanned body.

The video that dreams are made of!

As always do not forget to leave your comments below if you like the free porn clips I select for your viewing pleasure

Raging Stallion at gay mecca, Fort Lauderdale

Hot gay sex with seven hot boys who suddenly receive an invitation for a sex-filled, fun-filled week-end at Fort Lauderdale, the gay mecca of Florida. And boy are these gay twinks hot and horny as the video shows - they are just dying for a good hardcore gay fuck and that is exactly what they get. All have giant eight inch cocks and they sure get a chance to put them to good use. These dudes are all the epitome of the Raging Stallion. If you ask me, Harry Jhones, self-professed King of Gay Porn, if I had the luck to be there it would not take me long to get down rimming a few asses here cos I love cum facials and, of course, a hardcore gay fuck.

Want to read a little more from other of Jake's sexual encounters?
He moaned in pleasure as he felt the boy's warm lips on his member. Then he realized how he could make the night special. He hadn't done it in a long while but he was sure Eli wouldn't mind.

Eli increased the fervor of his sucking. The material tasted like plastic and had a mooth texture. If his hands were free, he would have unbuckled Jake's pants already. He didn't realize they were already falling asleep on him. The only thing on Eli's mind was getting Jake's cock into his mouth.

Jake could feel Eli's increased movement on his cock. The boy was eagerly sucking down the font of his pants. He'd just have to return the favor. He released Eli's arms from his thighs and stood up. He pulled the boy higher by the legs.

"What? Oh fuck!" Eli yelled out as he felt Jake's warm tongue run over the front of his pants. Jake's hot and moist mouth covered the base of Eli's cock through the white fabric. Eli couldn't do anything moaned at the new sensation, leaving his package unattended.

He smiled inwardly as the boy squirmed at his assault. After all these years, he cold still render a boy senseless with just his tongue. He sucked on the large shape imprinted on the material, soaking the material with his saliva. It felt good to have a youthful cock in his mouth again. He wondered why he hadn't done this for so l ong.

Leave your comments below about this hot gay clip from Raging Stallion and if like it I will post more as soon as possible.

Ass pounding action at High Octane

Ransom - Glen Santoro & Rogerio Mateo

If you like the last video sample I brought you from High Octane you are not going to be disappointed with this one. Here we are with two army studs taking a ride in the middle of the jungle. On the back of a truck they are into such hot sex they don't care much about where the truck is going.

Apart from Ransom, gay pornstar Rogerio Mateo has appeared in other very famous porno movies. Below are just four more and the co-stars in Horse Club, Brotherhood Secrets, Masters and Servants, and Passions of War:

Horse Club

Starring: Jack Dragon, Enrico Bellagio, James Jones, Danko Bell, Rogerio Mateo, Dark Devil, Antonio Rinaldi
Directed by: Herve Bodilis
2/13/2009$30.35Raging StallionGayNew DVD pricesRental DVD prices
Brotherhood Secrets

Starring: Jack Dragon, Enrico Bellagio, Mickey, Adriano Cassano, James Jones, Rogerio Mateo, Joey Visconti, Divko, Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti, Brent Moon, David Cain
Directed by: Jozsef Budai
7/11/2008$40.05EliteGayNew DVD pricesRental DVD prices
Masters & Servants (Raging Stallion)

Starring: Evan Rochelle, Renato Bellagio, Enrico Bellagio, Marco Campbell, Rogerio Mateo, Gamal Simon, Garcia Udulo, Rod Stevans, Peter Shadow, David Rivera, Cade Nichols, Sanjoy Steve Hunt, Abel Price...
7/1/2008$22.95Raging StallionGayNew DVD pricesused DVD pricesRental DVD prices
Passions Of War Collection

Starring: Ted Colunga, Julian Vincenzo, Randy Jones, Lucio Maverick, Evan Rochelle, Claudio Antonelli, Glen Santoro, Fredy Costa, Kevin Cage, Alfredo Castaldo, Rogerio Mateo, Rod Stevens, Julio Carillo...

High Octane studios at their best with such dvds. Up and down they bump along the jungle track as they ass fuck like hell. These two guys have great muscular bodies and they look really hot on top of each other as they fuck

High Octane as studs fuck each other

James Jones and Antonio Rinaldi studs fuck at High Octane

High Octane is a really famous gay stud porno site and it really is made of the stuff that is on fire. Hours of ass-fucking, cock sucking hardcore videos and gay fetish clips await their audience, gentlemen as these gay studs get really hot in cum splashung scenes with the deafening moans and groans of pleasure as they take dick up their ass. You are going to love this site, I , Harry Jhones, king of gay porn and lover of cum facials, rimming and a gay fuck can assure you and the chances are you may become addicted and a fan for life of High Octane. I am. James Jones has also starred with Antonio Rinaldi in other movies.

Lockdown - Devil, Jack & James


In this amazingly hot jailhouse scene the Guard, Jack Dragon, sure does take a liking to the sexy James Jones. Devil decides it is better to hang a sheet over the bars for privacy which makes things even hotter for those watching and then he forces Jones to take his cock in his hot hungry mouth. As any face-fuck goes - this can be described as It ends with Dragon fucking hard his jail bitch until they both cum. CLICK HERE AND BECOME ADDICTED TO HIGHOCTANE.COM with Kaden Bailey & Zak Hazard

Kaden Bailey & Zak Hazard are the stars in this hot gay clip. Watch as the action heats up. This is really hot twink action here, some of the hottest I haev seen to tell you the truth. Watch these horny twinks suck each other off and then get down to some butt-fucking sex.

Eventually they get down to some hot fucking action with plenty of cum in these virgin butts. They moan and graon in ecstacy. Leaves us all craving for more of these guys. To top it all off the facial cum shot at the end of the video is a showstopper.

Just twink and

Billy S
Billy Simonds is surely one handsome looking twink which gets me going with his pretty face and smooth body. And when he is jerking oiff he sure gives us a great show worth every penny. At the end his stiff erect cock shoots a giant load of cum.. CLICK HERE FOR GAY CUMSHOTS AT TWINKS.COM

Solo jerk off videos at RateMyCock

This is a site which has great video clips of gay jerk-off. A bit of a change from the virgin butt fuckers and the twink cum facials. Just gay twinks beating off with hundreds of explicit cum scenes. And like Harry Jhones, Gay Porn King, you also get the chance to rate these long dicks even monster cocks in some cases. Wouldn't you just love to be rimming some of these tight asses before a hardcore gay fuck - I know I would.

These horny guys in front of the cameras love nothing more than have you watching them bet off their juiicy cocks and lick the thick streams of cum from their cock shafts. They also like you to wank off with them as well and get really horny when you both cum together.

Marius also know as sircumsalot says: "wow, i nearly came in my pants when i saw this video,and sadly, i'm only 19." BigBob1 says: "I would love to be sucking up all your sweet hot cum..."CLICK HERE FOR LOADS OF HOT CUM SOLO ACTION AT RATEMYCOCK

Videos from bangbangboys

Felix & Lucas

Here is another great film of Lucas Pirelli. This time my Model Felix wanted to work this young freshman's ass, so leave it to Felix to take care of that! Felix starts off with some toys and then goes into some fucking - you can see Lucas was getting into it! Since I started working with str8 boy Lucas he's manged to get better with getting fucked, so much so that on my most recent trip to Rio I took Lucas with me and manged to get him play with some big boys - you'll get to see that in the spring :-) Do you guys think he can handle a 10 inch Cock? How about rimming this tight ass and drinking cum facials like Harry Jhones would before a gay hardcore fuck? I guess you going to have to wait and see... Enjoy CLICK HERE

Lucas Bangs Luis

Last month you got to see Luis get fucked by Poax and now I think it's Lucas' turn to tap that amazing hole. This time I got Lucas to cut his long hair and dont you think he looks much hotter with the shorter look? Anyway, I managed to bring Lucas with me to Rio, he had never been there before, and I got to shoot him in a few videos including this spectacular encounter. CLICK HERE

More twink sex from boynapped

Noah James & Sebastian
Noah returns to the Boynapped Penthouse and finds himself roped like a chicken then secured tight to the examination table. All this makes Noah hard as a rock which gives Sebastian an idea to tease and punish his handsome, hung 9-inch dick. Unable to move a muscle, Seb edges Noah with hot oral and ice cold oral mixed in with slow, teasing wanking seasons. 40 minutes in and Noah is begging to be allowed to cum but it doesn't work like that and Seb continues to edge until finally Noah's load gets released. Any amount of cash is worth paying to watch Noah's face and body as he released his hot teen load. Pain mixed with unbearable pleasure is a hot thing to watch when it's described in the face and body of a cute twink. CLICK HERE

Boynapped - boy porno

This is Finley Yves' first visit to the Boynapped penthouse. He believes that the Boynapped crew can help him get a start into modelling. Although partly true, Finley has know idea what work he's in for in front of our camera. Sebastian explains that Finley must be spanked and attempt tp please him if he wants his help. Sebastian leaves Finley with two very hot, red butt cheeks before demanding that the embarrassed youth wank-off and show him that he can cum-on-command. Finley, so embarrassed and nervous, never managed to cum but that's not where the story ends. Wait till you see what punishment this inspires! CLICK HERE

Finley Yves & Sebastian Kain

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Chilloutboys - facial cum

Now this is some really dirty fun! Nobody knew what a common party would turn into. Before they could notice the guys started disrobing and got their mouths full of cock. They're not even friends yet! Some butts are very close to finding out how a hard cock feels in there. They'll learn the taste of a mouthful of sperm, too! Gay twink fun with lots of facial cum. Me, Harry Jhones, would just love a hardcore gay fuck after rimming these boys and waiting for a wad of cum facials.

This is not for the faint-hearted! This is what a real cool party means. Two friends trick a barman into having a shaker up his butthole. They give him some serious gangbang fucking before the barman fills the shaker with his cum and services a spicy drink to the horny friends. What kind of a magic place is this? Sam came alone, but soon he had very good company. A really good one! Sam will get everything he wanted. He will blow two cocks and his butt will be fucked raw by two hot guys. His ass will pulsate and contract. He will get LOADS of very filthy pleasure. Nobody gets bored here at Chilloutboys!

And the good news is there is plenty more where these came from. See you behind the banner below.

Bad Boy Ton - horny videos

A typical gay twink site of East European origin, I would say, judging by the models. All skinny young white boys whose skin does not seem to have seen the sun in a long time. Now, if Ton is really a bad boy is a matter open for discussion and I fail to see why moral judgements should play a role. Ton is a regular boy who really likes sex - gay sex, of course and he is not afraid to admit it as we can see clearly throughout the videos and pics. Dear Ton seems to get up to every sexual exploit in the book. We see solo action, a lot of duo action and no end of experimenting with dildos of various sizes and colours - both on himself and his gay partners. The action is admittedly hot as with most twink sites as they unexperienced young guys really get into the sex. Below a couple of sample videos from the site. Another post of badboyton jerking off in the bath.

Harry Jhones loves the ass rimming,the cum facials and the hardcore fuck at the end.And, of course, there are tons more videos of BadBoytTon behind the banner below.

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SD Boy San Diego Boy

Sexy college boy Kye yearns for adventure. He is a horny little bastard that gets everything he wants when it cums to sex - bareback, raw and raunchy! Whether taking it up his firm college boy ass like a true powerbottom or fucking his Latin and military friends like a stud, you can be sure this San Diego boy had one totally XXXcellent adventure!

I went to Colombia on my hunt for sexy Latin boys and I was not disappointed! On this trip I filmed 10 hot 18-20 year old Latin boys in all kinds of hardcore in the outdoors. These boys sure knew how to get raunchy; with all kinds of pissing, cum eating, cum kissing and amazing bareback action, I have to say it was great to get closer to nature!

If you are hungry for some huge military man meat, then stand your cock to attention soldier! In 'Military Man Love' I have gathered the hottest in San Diego's brigade as they go for some 'special training.' Go covert and undercover with me and my camera as these hung military studs take some rock hard cocks up their asses and fuck deep!

Lots more free clips for your viewing pleasure here behind the banner below, gentlemen.

Boykakke - Horny Japanese Boys

Horny Japanese Boys Cum Facials and cum eating videos

A true favourite at boyreview for gay cum facials are the horny young gay Japanese twinks, their faces covered and dripping in hot cum. Boykakke is the right destination if it's these sexy little Asian boys that turn you on. Hours of videos of these lads fucking, sucking and always ending with wads of cum spewing over the faces.

Bukkake is an ancient Japanese term that refers to showering the receiver with hot cum from one, several or many men. We at Boykakke travel all over Asia to find cute cum hungry boys, and our horny models save up huge loads of cum to squirt all over their sweet faces. Some boys like to open their mouths and some boys swallow cum as much as they can. Other boys prefer to close their eyes and feel the warm spunk all over their cute faces.

In southeast Asia and Japan, there are literally thousands of beautiful horny Gay Asian Twinks having sex every day. That's why we round up the cutest ones for you, get them to save up huge loads of cum, and then spill it all over the cutest boy's face. Can our Cute Boys handle the massive Big Cock Cum Facials? Gay Asian Boys fuck, suck and swallow all the dick they can in our exclusive hi def bukkake productions!

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Sexy Japanese gay porn from Japanboyz

Sakura Boys 3 Haruki gives Yuta the hardest deepest fuck of his life. Watch as he moans in pleasure taking this studs long hard tool in his sweet ass. Finally Haruki pulls out and sprays his huge load of cum all over Yuta's cute face. If you are like Harry Jhones, porn king, there is nothing you enjoy more than a wet cum facial before rimming a Tokyo ass to get ready for a hardcore gay fuck.

Here you’ll find Japanese gay porn from all over the archipelago of gay Japan. This is the site that will pimp you everything from dark, hairy and muscular guys of the Okinawa island to cute smooth metrosexual-like (but gay of course) city boys of Tokyo. If you are over 18, enter and take your favorite pricks from the land of the rising cocks. Who knows? You might end up with a cute samurai with his long and beautiful sword. And your new favorite position will be hara-kiri with his cum sword shooting in your behind. We have the freshest, all original Asian boys on the net. Enjoy our huge,ever expanding collection of Japanese boy videos, photos, yaoi, name it. If you love gay Japanese porn then let our hot hot Japanese gay men fulfill you.

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